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Place matters.

Place provides context. It sets the backdrops to our lives. Place is what wraps up all five senses and creates a memory.

You’ll remember the places where the big stuff happened: the job accepted; the proposal offered on bended knee; the time the right team finally won the biggest game.

There’s a million other moments; quieter ones, perhaps, but they’re all part of the story.

For over 40 years, Commonwealth Properties has created places to house these extraordinary—and simple—moments. Our places have witnessed a million conversations, reconnections, revelries, and renewals. Added up, these moments tell a rich history, and we’re honored to be part of it.

At Commonwealth Properties, we're preserving the vibrancy and architectural beauty of Saint Paul while making it accessible for contemporary tastes. We discover and reinvigorate historic properties, but there's more to it than that.

It's not just about meticulous restoration. It's about what happens here when we're done. We give these places a new chapter, and our tenants, customers, and members write those chapters by giving businesses a home, hosting celebrations, creating family memories, unearthing new passions, or simply capturing a rare moment of stillness as they sit, surrounded by the stories of generations of people who enjoyed that same place before them.

We didn’t build these spaces. These historical icons had vibrant stories long before we came along. We are simply devoted stewards of their legacies, ensuring that these places are around to hold your story and the stories of those who come after you.

Place matters.