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Third Places

It’s a moment that happens to nearly all of us at some point in our lives:

You’ve met a friend at a lively bar. You’ve done this many times before. You’re chatting about work. About your kids or someone else’s kids. About your stock portfolio. About the Vikings.

When suddenly, you stop. “I can’t even hear myself think."

Suddenly, you can’t take the noise anymore. You want to have an actual conversation. A real, genuine, face-to-face, no-interruptions, no-distractions conversation.

It’s too late to move the trip to a coffee shop, and let’s be honest, that wouldn’t be much better. There it’s just twenty-somethings clacking away at their keyboards and shrill laughter as they scroll through pictures from last night’s escapades and the dull roar of people shouting their order for half-caff, four-pump mocha, two-pump vanilla, extra hot, skinny, extra foam, half whip whatevers.

Isn’t there something better?

Where do people go to talk?

Where do they go to unwind?

We’re not talking about home, and we’re definitely not talking about work. We’re talking about a third place. Somewhere else where you can grab that fancy drink if you want it, without annoying anyone else, but you can also speak in peace.

Human connection is a universal need. So is getting out of the house and away from the office. Why should we accept all the racket and sticky tables and distractions that usually have to accompany it?

We don’t think you should accept it. (And that’s why we’ve worked so hard to revive these third places.)