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There’s a reason why high-end clothing stores play certain music, use certain lighting, and decorate their stores in a certain way.

It’s all about ambiance. You’re supposed to be made to feel like you’re glamorous, beautiful, handsome, stylish, elegant, and classy.

They do it because it works. Ambiance has a profound effect on the way we feel in a space. Something as subtle as the sound your shoes make on the floor can shift your perception of a space.

Don’t believe us? Try clothes shopping at a big box retailer. Most of us do it at least occasionally—or regularly—but it’s not invigorating and we don’t feel glamorous.We feel like we just really, really need a cheap pair of pants and then we want to get the heck out of there.

Why are we telling you this? Because we believe that the feeling that a space gives you matters, and not just for clothing stores. It matters where you choose to unwind.It matters where you choose to exercise. It matters where you choose to take your in-laws to brunch.

There are so many elements of your day when you don’t get to choose what type of space you are in. (For example, the bank branch you visit, or your office space—unless you can talk your boss into making a switch.) For the times of day when it is up to you, why not choose a space that makes you feel good?