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No Decoration Necessary

When it comes to event spaces, the two most important qualities are often mutually exclusive:

-Big enough to comfortably hold every attendee

-Attractive enough to set appropriate ambiance and make everyone feel comfortable and welcomed

Why does it feel like we have to pick between spacious and inviting?

Proprietors of warehouse-style spaces often sell potential event hosts on what a “bargain” the space is, and how the “blank canvas” allows you to “make it your own.”

That all sounds lovely—until you’re actually faced with the responsibility of dressing up the space to make it suit your needs.

The next thing you know, you’re standing on a ladder trying to find a way to drape silk intertwined with mini mason jars in a way that makes the room look like a high-end banquet hall instead of a place that really should be full of forklifts and scaffolding.

You’re also trying to explain to your co-hosts why you needed to spend three times as much on decorations as you did on the space itself, simply to mask the space’s natural ambiance.

Suddenly, your bargain space isn’t such a bargain anymore.

That’s why people are increasingly turning to spaces that are already breathtaking, without a single added embellishment. No amount of drapery or expensive lighting can match up to gorgeous architecture.

There are some spaces you walk into and instantly think, yes, this is it.

And those are the spaces that your guests walk into and think, this is going to be a good time.