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Your New Approach to The Staycation

Today, we’d like to sing the praises of the Staycation. There are two primary types of staycations. Perhaps the best-known version involves a whole lot of Netflix and sweatpants, and while we certainly don’t begrudge anyone the opportunity to unwind, we’d like to put in a good word for the second type: acting like a tourist in your town. 


Even if you’ve lived in the same place for years—or decades—we’re willing to bet that there are innumerable incredible places that you’ve never visited, probably for the exact reason that you’re local and take their presence for granted. After all, why bother to squeeze a visit into your busy schedule when the incredible place will always be there? Of course, that’s the exact mentality that leads us to never actually getting around to visiting these places. 


Admit it: Have you ever had a friend or relative come into town, and when they ask for recommendations of “must-see” places, you list off spots that you don’t go to because you’re not a tourist? Why not take the time to be that tourist? 


Seeing your hometown through the eyes of a visitor can make you fall even more in love with it (or develop an appreciation for it, if the relationship was never that good, to begin with). 


How to act like a tourist? 

Book a night at a local boutique hotel— no chain hotels allowed, since that defeats the entire purpose of experiencing what your city has to offer. 

Try: Hotel 340


Grab reservations at a legendary restaurant with some history, local flair, and exceptional food. 

Try: W.A. Frost 


Stop by a local watering hole where the bartender is sure to have some amazing stories. 

Try: The Commodore 


Other ideas - Use this opportunity to change up your routine and you might even discover a new spa, gym, coffee shop, bakery, running route, or store that you never considered before. 


By indulging in a Staycation, you’ll save all the money and hassle of traveling while uncovering all the delights your city has to offer. The best part: If you fall in love with a place, you know you can go back anytime!