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Investing in Experiences

Do you invest in things? Or experiences? 


If you’re like most people, it’s a combination of both. But for too many of us, it’s increasingly easy to get caught up in the former and undervalue the latter. 


We know that we can’t take things with us at the end of our lives, and we know, in theory, how valuable experience-based memories are. So why is it harder to rationalize spending our resources on experiences? Perhaps because experiences aren’t tangible.  


But experiences can’t break. They can’t be stolen. They can’t fade away or get lost in the back of a closet. 


And while some experiences require money, others only require an investment of your time. 


So throw the party. 

Join the group that meets to discuss your favorite author. 

Go to the happy hour. 

Host the dinner (ideally somewhere where you don’t have to do the cooking!) 

Attend the themed event. 

Get the good gym membership. 

Show up at the lecture given by an expert on a subject you’ve been wondering about. 


All of these things aren’t just experiences. They’re about creating and cultivating social connections. They’re about personal growth. They’re about breaking out of your rut—and getting off of your couch. 


Try accomplishing all of that by spending your money on stuff. (Spoiler: It won’t work.) 


Investing in experiences means investing in yourself. And we think that’s a pretty sure bet.