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Voting with Our Wallets

At Commonwealth Properties, we place tremendous value on historical buildings. They’re important to us. Preserving them and making them economically vibrant aligns with who we are as a company. And that’s why we invest in them. 

We’re using our resources to publicly express our values and make a stand on behalf of these properties. 

Put a different way, we’re voting with our wallets. 

In what ways do you express your values with your investments? We’re not talking about massive, property-acquisition-style investments. We’re talking about the everyday choices that reflect who you are. 

We overheard a conversation the other day in which an individual lamented the decline of the newspaper industry. But over the course of the conversation, it came out that the person in question didn’t actually have a newspaper subscription. He read the paper whenever he encountered it (at a coffee shop or fitness center, presumably) but was certainly not supporting the industry in any quantifiable way. 

Maybe you’re not a newspaper fan who doesn’t buy newspapers. 

Maybe you’re a newspaper fan who does buy newspapers. 

Maybe you’ve never really thought about it. 

We encourage you to think about it. It may be about buying local food. Or shopping at local boutiques. Or patronizing independent businesses instead of chains. Or supporting a particular chef, musician, artist, or author. Or setting aside contributions for a certain charitable cause. 

Often, we’ll hear about someone (or a whole lot of someones) “boycotting” a certain operation because something about the business doesn’t align with the person’s values. 

But the businesses and causes you do choose to support are at least as important as the businesses and causes you specifically avoid.  

Let us officially make a case for investing in your values. Then if your favorite newspaper goes belly up, at least you can say you had a subscription.