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Consider Your Energy

We absorb the energy of the spaces around us.

Take a moment to consider the energy around you right now.

  • Does it make you feel inspired?
  • Calm?
  • Wired?
  • Distracted?
  • Annoyed?
  • Sleepy?

The energy is a combination of the people (or lack thereof) around you, as well as the space itself—the light (natural? Fluorescent? Candle? Not enough? Too much?), the temperature, the aesthetics, and even the comfort of the place you’re sitting (or the floor you’re walking on).

Perhaps you think you work well in crowded coffee shops because you like the chaos. But there are different versions of chaos. Does it work better if the people around you are always different and strangers? Or regulars? Does it matter if people are like-minded?

Maybe you think you don’t care too much either way. But there are subtle cues indicating that we’re all affected.

Are you drawn to sun-filled patios in the summer and big chairs next to cozy fireplaces in the winter?

Are there certain places you gravitate toward when you want to feel engaged, focused, or relaxed?

There’s a reason we don’t try to do our taxes in the play area ball pit of that golden arches restaurant.

Setting is important. Energy is important.

Think about the activities of your daily life. Now think about the energy of the places where you do those activities.

Is it a match?

If not, can you make a different location choice? It just might change your life.