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Feel like a VIP - No secret passwords required

We have a sneaking suspicion that some of the properties associated with Commonwealth Properties had some VIP/insider tendencies long before we got involved with them. Case in point: The Commodore Bar and Restaurant used to be the go-to spot during the Prohibition era, and reportedly operated a successful speakeasy in the basement. You might find out via word of mouth, and you probably had to know a guy (or gal) or a secret password to get in.

What’s it like to be an insider at Commonwealth Properties today? Now it’s legal—but it’s still very…rewarding.

And we mean that in the literal sense. Have you heard about our rewards program? Perhaps you’ve noticed someone at W.A. Frost or the Commodore Bar and Restaurant pulling out a sleek card along with their payment. That means they’re a reward member, and they’re earning points for every time they dine with us, stay with us, or celebrate with us.

Points can be exchanged for money to be used at any of our sister properties. In addition, you’ll receive special gifts for your membership anniversary and your birthday, along with exclusive access to special promotions.

There’s no fee to join and no obligation of any kind. Anyone aged 21 or over can register online or complete an application in person.

We like to think of all of our guests as VIPs, but this adds a little something extra. And again, this time it’s totally legal. Come feel like a VIP, no secret passwords required.

Join Commonwealth Properties Rewards HERE

For more information about the rewards program visit our website at

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