WA Frost & Company

Opened in 1975, W.A. Frost & Company has been a Cathedral Hill institution for nearly four decades.  W.A Frost combines unbeatable ambiance in the summer and winter months, featuring what many consider to be the finest outdoor patio in the Twin Cities, with upscale American cuisine and an award-winning wine cellar.  Enjoy comfortable ambiance in the basement lounge in the winter months or a quiet moment by the fire in our fireside room.

Pharmacy turned award-winning eatery.

W.A Frost, a New York educated pharmacist and businessman, set up a pharmacy on the ground floor of the building in 1881 and ran the business until his death in 1930.  Mr. Frost had a long and distinguished career and was one of the creators of the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy.  The pharmacy stayed open for another 20 years under new ownership.  In 1950 the business closed and shortly after the neighborhood entered a sharp decline.  It wasn’t until 1974 that the building saw a resurgence under owner John Rupp.  Nearly 40 years later the restaurant continues to thrive.     


W.A. Frost and Company - Restaurants

374 Selby Avenue, Saint Paul, MN 55102

WA Frost & Company has been a Cathedral Hill institution for nearly four decades. WA Frost combines unbeatable ambiance in both summer and winter months. Summer features a sprawling, multi-level patio that has been voted Best in the Cities for years. With both an outdoor restaurant and a bar, the patio caters to those who like to dine al fresco in style. Winter features wood burning fireplaces and a lounge with exposed brick walls, arched doorways, and private nooks. Upscale American cuisine, an award-winning wine cellar, and amazing cocktails make for the perfect experience.